In many cases, our marketing work begins with  the visioning and progresses into the implementation of public realm components, including streetscape and open spaces. From the creation of whole downtowns, town centres, villages, and mixed use commercial centres, we strive to design and market complete communities with rich experiences, and cultural and contextual sensitivity.

In order to aid in the community visioning and marketing process, we utilize 3D techniques, ranging from simple massing models to detailed, photorealistic renderings. Having these visualization tools at hand allows us to demonstrate how built form and landscape elements can come together to create a sense of place. Simple massing models can establish the benefit of higher density street-fronting buildings, while renderings can exhibit facade details and interactive open space opportunities that greatly assist in the marketing of a community.

We often work with our clients to create a stylized rendering that is unique to the client and will add to the branding of the project.