The Dundas Trafalgar (North Oakville) neighbourhood study is located in Oakville, Ontario and forms a component of the broader North Oakville Secondary Plan Area.  The Urban Design Brief provides design direction for the implementation of the vision and intent of the community and serves as a supplement to the Town of Oakville’s ‘parent’ design guideline document for North Oakville.

The Urban Design Brief focuses on the physical design of the community, with particular reference to structuring elements, including the existing Natural Heritage System, major road network, parks and open spaces, stormwater management facilities, school and residential blocks.  It prescribes open space and built form guidelines and principles for these areas and components, while allowing some flexibility for delivering a wide range of design expressions, architectural form and styles that provide interest in the urban environment.

The Urban Design Brief emphasizes and details the integral elements that will help create an innovative and walkable environment, as a reflection of the Town’s established goals and objectives for North Oakville.