The Montrose Cultural Centre was completed in 2009, without full completion of the landscaped concourse, connecting the City Hall precinct with the Cultural Centre and Civic buildings to the west.
Based on a 2012 conceptual master plan, NAK revisited the concept, conducted a detailed cost review, liaised with the City, Mayor, Council and stakeholders and completed the detailed design, tender and construction management for the South Montrose Concourse.
The Concourse, completing in the spring of 2017 will create a key pedestrian corridor and public event space for the Cultural Centre. The space looks to build on the immense popularity of the MCC buy creating a 4 seasons outdoor space that can be enjoyed by all community members
Key factors in the success of this project include: close relationships and communication with the City Project Manager, the Contractor and City stakeholders.
The project will be completed at approximately 70% of the original cost.


Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada