Macville Community (Bolton Residential Expansion Study), located in the Town of Caledon, is a 190 hectare greenfield development site intended to comprise residential and mixed-uses with the ultimate projected build-out delivering approximately 10,000 residents and 2,600 jobs by 2031. The primary focus of the proposed plan is the integration of a commuter train (GO Transit) station at the east limit of the site with supportive mixed-use (commercial, office) and higher density residential.
The goal is to create a ‘made in Caledon’ community that is healthy, vibrant and connected. To this aim, a set of guiding principles have been established from the outset of the study, including: community character and high quality built-form; smart communities where technology is used to establish connectivity for an improved quality of life; transit-oriented development; natural heritage features; community experience; parks + open spaces; mixed-housing types; walkability and a main street with central character.

Graphics for this project were done in-house by NAK Design Strategies 3D Team.


Caledon, Ontario, Canada