The Town of Caledon initiated the Mayfield West Phase 2 Secondary Plan to strategically identify a location for the population increase anticipated for the planning period 2021 to 2031. The Town Council approved the general terms of reference for Mayfi eld West Phase 2 with provisions for what the planning exercise will achieve, a projected time frame for completion and the method by which the public can provide input. In 2011, the Town of Caledon retained NAK Design Strategies to undertake a comprehensive community vision and design study for MayfIeld West Phase 2.
Collaborating closely with Town staff, Town Council, the consultant team, the Mayfield West Phase 2 Landowner’s Group, and areas residents, this study has led to the articulation of a clear vision for the community that is consistent with the established key design tenets of unique, innovative and successful. The process has led to the adoption of a Framework Plan and corresponding set of Community Design Principles, and now culminates with the preparation of the Mayfield West Phase 2 Community Design Plan (CDP).


Caledon, Ontario, Canada