NAK worked as a consultant for multiple landowners, as well as the City of Brampton, to lead the multidisciplinary team on this innovative community design project. Mount Pleasant Village provides a model for a sustainable urban village guided by the principles of Transit-Oriented Development. Planned around an existing Brampton GO Station, the goal was to create a community with vibrant streets that enable safe, pedestrian-friendly, attractive, and convenient connections locally and to the broader community. Along with the village, NAK also established design and development principles for future phases of the community.

A combination of mixed-use and mid-rise buildings at the village core support a lively combination of cultural and civic activity focused on the new Civic Square. NAK’s design for the square encompasses the existing GO Station, an elementary school, a public library, a restored train station, and a recreational park.


2013 Ontario Home Builder’s Association, Environmental Stewardship Award Mount Pleasant, Block 1

2013 International Making Cities Livable Award

2012 Brampton Urban Design Award of Excellence Best Overall Project

2012 Brampton Urban Design Award of Excellence, Best Community

2012 Brampton Urban Design Award of Excellence, Healthy Community

2012 Brampton Urban Design Award of Excellence, Most Promising Project


Brampton, Ontario, Canada


Transit-Oriented Development creates walkable urban neighbourhood in suburban city